Anne Hathaway and James Franco want parts in the Alien prequel?

With the ball rolling on the ALIEN prequel, quite a few people in Hollywood are wanting jump on board.

Last news we got on this project involved Fox swooning over Damon Lindelof's script and Natalie Portman as a possible star.

Bloody Disgusting is now adding two other actors into the mix, James Franco and Anne Hathaway. They say that both Franco and Hathaway are just really interested right now. The site also notes to expect some official announcements to come in the next few weeks.

Noomi Rapace and Gemma Arterton were two names that were also kicked around.

So could you see Hathaway and Franco battling it out against the Queen and her facehuggers? I really don't think it would be too bad. Both of them are great, even if Hathaway often gets stuck in films like BRIDE WARS. Occasionally, she does pick up a good part like her role as Kym in RACHEL GETTING MARRIED. Franco gets all sorts of projects. None of them I can really frown upon except for Spidey 3. Soon we will be seeing him in 127 HOURS then RISE OF THE APES.

Extra Tidbit: Did anyone else like RACHEL GETTING MARRIED?



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