Another Galactica?!?

You know the considerable following that the Sci-Fi Channel's revamped "BATTLESTAR GALACTICA" series has developed during its four seasons? That audience might not be as excited as you think about a BATTLESTAR GALACTICA feature film.

According to IGN (and since picked up at various outlets, including The Hollywood Reporter), Universal has "quietly" (whooops!) been sniffing around the original show's creator Glen A. Larson with the intention of launching a new BATTLESTAR into theaters. The swerve is that this project would be a direct update of the somewhat cheesy 1978 series and ignore the popular (and well-made) new TV show.

The original show followed a ragtag fugitive fleet of humans who, after their colonies were destroyed, fled the tyranny of the robotic Cylons on a quest for a planet known as Earth. Which is essentially what the new series has done, although the old show tended to incorporate alien races (Ovions, the Imperious Leader, those chick singers with multiple eyes and mouths, etc.). I hope they also bring back Boxey and Muffit, because they weren't annoying at all. And Rick Springfield, of course. Poor Zac...

Extra Tidbit: I actually saw the BATTLESTAR GALACTICA "movie" in a theater in "Sensurround" -- which basically consisted of gigantic floor-rumbling subwoofers.
Source: IGN



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