Another Godzilla?

You all remember the great GODZILLA mistake of 1998? Everyone was excited to see the legendary creature on the big screen with the use of modern technologies. But what happened? I don't have to tell you, you already know.

Well apparently Legendary Pictures wants to make it right. Currently things are just in the discussion stage with no other details. There's a lot of potential with a project like this, and obviously we've made more advances in film since 1998. When I first saw GODZILLA I seriously thought it was supposed to be a comedy. The film took itself too seriously in my opinion.

Director of the 1998 reboot Roland Emmerich, says he has no interest in making anymore. That's good, because Emmerich is big on the hit and miss. He's got a few good ones here and there like INDEPENDENCE DAY, THE PATRIOT, and STARGATE, but the rest of the films he's done aren't as solid. I'm not sure who I would get to direct, who I would cast, or what I would do with the story, but as long as it's not like the one in 98, it's making progress.



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