Another Indy clip

The official site of Dr. Jones now has another new video clip online, but don't get your hopes up. Aside from a few glimpses of the cast (and quite a bit of Sallah archive footage, which is strange since he's apparently not in the fourth movie), there's nothing new to be found. Either way, check out the clip RIGHT HERE. Maybe the working title is now INDIANA JONES AND THE PERPETUAL TEASE MACHINE.

But no, that's not right either. As Slashfilm has discovered, a number of possible titles were submitted for MPAA registration, and while some (INDIANA JONES AND THE FOURTH CORNER OF THE EARTH?) were probably meant as nothing but misdirection, the oft-rumored INDIANA JONES AND THE CITY OF GODS is indeed among them. Also interesting to note that in 1983, Paramount registered INDIANA JONES AND THE TEMPLE OF DEATH. Check out that report RIGHT HERE.

Also, there seems to be some speculation going around that, because there's a picture of a crate on the official site and the number (which also has its own site) corresponds to the fate of the Ark at the end of RAIDERS, that Jones and company will be hunting the Covenant box once again. I personally doubt this will be the case, since there's been buzz about a search for crystal skulls. Besides, simple logic would dictate that if the whole crew was going to reunite after 18 years, they probably would do something more creative than rehash the first movie.
Extra Tidbit: The style of fedora Indy wears is a Herbert Johnson Poet.
Source: Jones/film



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