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Another J-horror remake?


It seems like the time of the J-Horror remake has come and gone and the tastes of the American horror-loving public has shifted to the SAW/Eli Roth-style (I refuse to say "torture porn"). While J-Horror came and went, we still have some projects that were in the works when its popularity was at its peak that are just coming to fruition now. One of those projects is a remake of JANGHWA, HONGRYEON or A TALE OF TWO SISTERS. (Let me explain that I'm aware JANGHWA is Korean not Japanese, but I'm still applying the J-Horror tag as it was picked up by DreamWorks when Hollywood was in crazily picking up any Asian horror film for remakes.) In a neat bit of casting, Elizabeth Banks (INVINCIBLE) has signed on to star as the evil stepmother to the two sisters (who are returning home after a stay in a mental institution). What I think will help TWO SISTERS is that it's unlike most of the other films that were remade in the Asian horror bonanza. This isn't like THE EYE (which is also on the way, starring Jessica Alba) but more of a methodical suspense-thriller. The original is beautiful if you can find a copy of the DVD. Thomas and Charles Guard will direct the film starting this July in Louisiana.

Extra Tidbit: The movie was inspired by the popular folk tale "Janghwa Heungryeonjeon."



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