Another Jackass movie?

It's only January of 2007 but we have now what can now be considered a frontrunner for the worst reviewed movie of 2008: HOSED. HOSED is a comedy about an overzealous guy who decides to become a volunteer firefighter and is assigned to a Company made up of misfits. In and of itself it's probably harmless but let's talk about the film's stars: Chris Pontius, Steve-O, Preston Lacy and Wee Man from JACKASS. The film will have them pulling pranks on each other and the new recruit (who has not been cast), so in essence we have another JACKASS movie, except now one with a narrative plot and one that requires the aforementioned to actually act. Don't get me wrong here, I love JACKASS. Loved the movies, loved the TV shows, I even watched spinoff "Wildboyz" religiously. I just have doubts that all four of these guys are decent enough actors to actually carry a movie. Oddly enough, the movie is in production at Madonna's production company and will be released through the HBO/New Line joint venture Picturehouse (who now has the distinction of going from FUR to HOSED). I'm sure this movie will find its audience but I can't imagine too many critics going for it. What do you think? Good idea or lame attempt to cash in post-JACKASS?

Source: Variety



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