Another look at Space Battleship Yamato, the Star Blazers movie

As a wee lad enthralled after seeing STAR WARS (yes, way back in '77), I was desperate for more epic space battles. The closest I could find at the time was the cartoon series STAR BLAZERS, a dubbed version of Japan's "Space Battleship Yamato."

A Hollywood live-action version never materialized, but it has become a reality in its home country, and seems complete with astonishing space combat and laughable melodrama as you can see in the new Japanese teaser below. It's not subtitled, but it does feature some wretched Aerosmith music instead!

The original show involved a race of blue-skinned aliens called Gamilons dropping radioactive bombs on Earth (a method of terraforming), forcing mankind's survivors underground. When the queen of the distant planet Iscandar contacts our world to offer a way of repairing the damage, the remaining humans salvage an old battleship and make it spaceworthy, and head toward intergalactic salvation while causing occasional destruction with the Wave Motion Gun.

Extra Tidbit: YAMATO co-star Aya Ueto played the title character in Ryuhei Kitamura's crazy ninja movie AZUMI.
Source: Quiet Earth



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