Another movie project is off to see the Wizard: Corpse Bride co-director for Oz Wars

SNOW WHITE and FRANKENSTEIN are hardly the only the well-known properties with new competing movie projects at the moment -- there's also a race taking place on the Yellow Brick Road.

Disney is working on getting Sam Raimi and Robert Downey Jr. into the Emerald City for their own sorta-prequel THE GREAT AND POWERFUL OZ and Warner Bros. is planning their own a direct remake of the 1939 movie, plus the stylized animated DOROTHY OF OZ is on the way.

And now upstart Vanguard is inciting OZ WARS, a CG/stop-motion hybrid feature from CORPSE BRIDE co-director Mike Johnson. OZ WARS "transforms the Oz narrative into a contemporary, freaky action-packed PG-13 audience pleaser, with Dorothy caught up in a whirlwind of warrior witches, black magic, martial arts and monsters." (No, that's not actual art from it, ka-durh.)

Johnson says the animated action-adventure is "not just for kids. The Land of Oz will be re-imagined using stop-motion to create a world that's dark, slick, sexy, and dangerous. It’s long been a goal of mine to create a hard-hitting, grown-up action film using stop-motion animation. "

Vanguard also has the recently announced CG/live-action blend ALIEN ROCK BAND in the works.

Extra Tidbit: Anyone grab McFarlane's "Twisted Land of Oz" figures like the gas mask-wearing Wizard and bondage Dorothy?
Source: JoBlo.com



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