Another non-DVD American Pie movie in the works?

After the AMERICAN PIE series went from being a moderately amusing trilogy of films ten years ago to a string of straight-to-DVD softcore porn flicks meant for thirteen year olds, it seemed unlikely the franchise would ever rise back to theaters again.

But with Hollywood sequelizing and rebooting anything that once made money, the LA Times is reporting that AMERICAN PIE 4 is in the works, and looks to reunite the old cast for a movie that actually makes it to theaters this time around.

There aren’t any further details past that yet, as the last time we left things, Alison Hannigan and Jason Biggs just got married, but maybe the movie will try to tap into the HANGOVER appeal that featured a slightly older cast getting themselves into ridiculous circumstances.

Seann William Scott and Hannigan are really the only two cast members doing anything worthwhile these days, though to be fair, Chris Klein recently WAS recently the worst part of STREET FIGHTER (which is saying something) and Shannon Elizabeth did a voice for the new "Leisure Suit Larry" game. Yes, they still make those. Surely an offer like this would cause most of the old crew to come running, and until then, we’ll wait for more info about the project.

Extra Tidbit: I honestly can’t tell if that picture is a real movie or not. I've never known "string" to be a particularly provocative word.
Source: LA Times



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