Another Riddick?

The whole RIDDICK thing had always been envisioned as at least a trilogy, so it's no surprise to hear that David Twohy has been talking about the next installment: "Okay, okay, now on to the really important stuff like "What the fuck is happening with RIDDICK? Yes, I got your emails demanding another movie; yes I keep bumping into guys at the airport and at conventions and I take your pleas to heart. All I can say now is "We're talking about it." The DVD numbers were really good - we know that, and some potential financiers know that. But if another movie surfaces, then it probably won't be a Universal movie and probably will be an independent movie... But that's okay... Maybe it's time to go back to our roots - as we go on to the UnderVerse."Well I for one, would definitely want Riddick to go back to his roots, since PITCH BLACK was great, but I didn't really care for THE CHRONICLES at all. In fact, I'm pretty sure that the only part of that movie I enjoyed, was when Diesel went all bad-ass and said "No, but I'll take a piece of him." What do you guys think? Do we want another RIDDICK film? Or do we want Diesel to stop making films that aren't that damn Hannibal film he's been cock-teasing us with? Or just plain stop making films altogether? A bit harsh, but if that's how you feel, then that's how you feel.
Extra Tidbit: Judi Dench's dress in THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK was made from crushed Swarovski crystal.
Source: DavidTwohy.com



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