Another stills round-up for Everything Must Go, 127 Hours, The Conspirator, and Last Night

The Toronto International Film Festival has a great line-up thus far (expect some more awesome JoBlo.com coverage by our resident reviewer Chris Bumbray, from September 9-19).

As each film gets locked in, we get more and more info from the choice selections. Today a new batch of stills from EVERYTHING MUST GO, 127 HOURS, THE CONSPIRATOR, and LAST NIGHT popped up online. I'd like to see each of these films, especially another one man show to rival Ryan Reynolds in BURIED-- James Franco in 127 HOURS.

Since there are a few films here, I'll provide you with a brief synopsis for each in case you haven't heard of them.

Anything here look particularly interesting to you?


"In 2003, a young American outdoorsman ventured into the arid desert and canyons around Moab, Utah on a weekend excursion. He was alone, ripping across the rocky, undulating landscape on his mountain bike with all the rambunctious exuberance of a young man in love with life and risk. Little did he know that his latest adventure was about to change into one of the most compelling stories of courage and survival."

"In his follow-up to the immensely successful, Academy Award®-winning Slumdog Millionaire, Danny Boyle has turned to the true story of Aron Ralston, who found himself fighting for his life after his right hand was crushed and trapped by a boulder in a freak accident. Despite his Herculean attempts to move the rock, Aron’s luck seemed to have run out."


"Everything Must Go – at once a sales pitch and a surrender to fate – is a perfectly apt title for this melancholic yet entertaining film that dismantles the structures, behaviors, and relationships we have come to consider normal."

"Nicolas Halsey (Will Ferrell) is not having a good day. Not only has he been fired from his sales-manager job of sixteen years, but he returns home to find the locks changed and his belongings strewn outside, the spoils of his failed marriage scattered across the lawn for all the world to see. So starts Everything Must Go, a wryly humorous drama starring Ferrell, which examines five endless days in the life of a man who believes he has lost everything. Deciding to both fight and give up, Nick appropriates the object-laden lawn as his living room; he stations himself in a recliner and entertains himself with neighbour-watching, while steadily chipping away at his six-month sobriety. When the police show up to shut down the illicit spectacle, he invokes a legal loophole that buys him four more days of lawn-time: residents of Plano, Texas are permitted to hold private yard sales for a maximum of five consecutive days."


"Keira Knightley and Eva Mendes join forces in this tantalizing and emotionally powerful story of trust, lust and deception. Last Night is a brilliant evocation of all the grey zones of fidelity – how a choice made in a mere instant can be of regrettable and irrevocable consequence."

"Michael and Joanna Reed (Sam Worthington and Knightley) seem to have it all. Young, attractive and successful, they’re a married couple who’ve lucked into spiritual and material well-being, sharing a comfortable and seemingly perfect life in their trendy Manhattan apartment. But when the Reeds attend one of Michael’s work parties, Joanna witnesses a suspicious moment between her husband and his beautiful new co-worker, Laura (Eva Mendes). The incident is fleeting and ambiguous – Joanna can’t be sure what she did or didn’t see – but it sows an insidious seed of doubt that festers at the core of their love."


"Cinema icon Robert Redford returns to his independent filmmaking roots with The Conspirator, the suspenseful, true story of the lone woman charged in the assassination of U.S. president Abraham Lincoln, and the 28-year-old Union war hero who must defend her. With America’s most famous assassination as a backdrop, Redford tells a poignant story about loyalty and honor."

Extra Tidbit: Keira Knightley looks beautiful in that photo. Anyone wanna second that?
Source: ONTD



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