Another time for Troll

Old, new, foreign, good, bad... Hollywood doesn't care, they'll remake any damn movie. Especially bad ones. Even TROLL.

Yep, Bloody Disgusting says an update of the 1986 crap classic is in the works, and with a "substantial budget". Perhaps that means they can afford talent better than the original, which featured people from the 1978 BATTLESTAR GALACTICA show, a pre-Seinfeld Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Sonny Bono (RIP) and Michael Moriarty, who at the time was starring in anything Larry Cohen made. The compact nasty of the title, by the way, was played by Phil Fondacaro (LAND OF THE DEAD) -- Warwick Davis was the wicked wee one from the interminable LEPRECHAUN movies.

The original TROLL, which coincidentally featured a main character named Harry Potter, involved an evil troll named Torok who transformed the tenants of an apartment building into plants, or something. The new version will apparently be more along the lines of all the other generic fantasy movies unspooling everywhere, with a boy entering a magical realm and blah blah. Sorry, I'm still recovering from the notion of a TROLL remake.
Extra Tidbit: TROLL is available on a double-feature DVD along with the even more execrable TROLL 2.



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