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Antichrist poster


The poster for ANTICHRIST may be one of the creepiest yet.

This may be the most bold design from Jeremy Saunders but ANTICHRIST is obviously a bold and likely brutal film. What's so great about it is that if you've seen or heard anything about this, you can get the grotesque message that Saunders is trying to display. It says so much about the vulgar, maniacal pleasure and severe pain between Charlotte Gainsburg and Willem Defoe.

There have been some early reviews of the film that call it everything you would expect: surreal, sexual, disturbing, gorgeous, brilliant, among many other things. I have a feeling it may be one of the most unpleasant but great experiences I get once in awhile from a film.

Extra Tidbit: A video game based on the movie has been announced by the movie's production company Zentropa. The game "Eden" would supposedly be a continuation of the story.
Source: Rope of Silicon



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