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Anton Corbijn will direct the adaptation of John Le Carre's A Most Wanted Man

Jun. 20, 2011by:

John Le Carr's novels have made for great source material in the world of film for nearly the past 50 years. The currently filming TINKER, TAILOR, SOLIDER, SPY from director Tomas Alfredson was the latest in that line. Now we can add A MOST WANTED MAN, to be directed by Dutch photographer-turned-director Anton Corbijn (CONTROL, THE AMERICAN).

According to THR, Le Carr's 2008 novel "tells the story of the Chechian Muslim Issa who illegally immigrates to Hamburg, where he gets caught up in the international war on terror. The tale is loosely based on the real-life story of Murat Kurnaz, a Turkish citizen and legal German resident who was seized by American authorities, with knowledge of the German government and taken to Guantanamo Bay. He was kept there for several years before being released, without charge, in 2006." The political tale of the international war on terror will be adapted by Australian screenwriter Andrew Bovell (EDGE OF DARKNESS). Film will be produced by Simon Channing-Williams who was also behind THE CONSTANT GARDNER, another Le Carr adaptation.

A MOST WANTED MAN will begin filming this winter in Hamburg, Germany.
Extra Tidbit: Where's our TINKER, TAILOR, SOLDIER, SPY trailer?!


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7:06AM on 06/20/2011
I dug The American, he is a good fit for this.
I dug The American, he is a good fit for this.
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Latest Entertainment News Headlines

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