Antonio Banderas, Mark Strong and Frieda Pinto will find Black Gold

Hmm, I'm detecting a distinct lack of leading Arab actors in Hollywood today. You would think that BLACK GOLD, the story of the rise of Arab oil barons in the 1930s would be a prime place to display some new talent, but rather director Jean-Jacques Annaud has selected a rather diverse, but geographically incorrect cast for his film.

In the lead is Spaniard Antonio Banderas, flanked by Brit Mark Strong, the lovely, and very much Indian, Freida Pinto, and lastly Tahar Rahim, a French/Algerian from UN PROPHETE. The script is mostly a secret, as all we can get out of it so far is that it's about “the rise of a young, dynamic leader who unites the various tribes of the desert kingdoms.”

It's not unusual for actors to play other races, but this is quite a random collection from all over the world BUT Arabic countries. Though if you ask me off the top of my head to name one Arab actor working today, I'll pause for ten seconds and then say "that doctor guy from INCEPTION and AVATAR." But alas, Dileep Rao is Indian.

Are there simply less Arab actors out there, or is Hollywood just not giving them a chance? Now would be where you list all the Arab actors I don't know about who deserve breakout roles.

Extra Tidbit: Sayid from Lost! Gahh he was born in the UK and is also Indian.
Source: Deadline



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