Apatow gets animated?

Judd Apatow was on hand at the MONSTERS VS. ALIENS premiere this weekend to help support pal Seth Rogen (or as Apatow put it, "He pays me to come"). A reporter for E! Online caught up with Apatow and asked the rather obvious question: would he ever be interested in scripting or producing an animated film? Besides the obvious "Oh Don Piano" response of "maybe," Apatow revealed that he actually wrote a script for an animated film before. "I wrote one once many years ago, and they said they didn't like it. And that was it." I know Apatow worked on a number of scripts before the big 40-YEAR-OLD VIRGIN breakout that never got made but this is the first I heard of an animated film. Sadly the reporter didn't follow-up on where the film was set up (since Pixar produces mostly in-house stuff, I'm guessing it was a pitch to DreamWorks), but it wasn't something that was eventually produced as Apatow hints they might try to capitalize on his newfound fame by dusting it off. Meanwhile if anyone has any more info on this Apatow animated project, I'd love to hear more about it...

Extra Tidbit: MVA is the fifth time Rogen has provided his voice for a movie.
Source: E! Online



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