Apatow gets Engaged

The team behind FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL is getting ready to reteam before the film even hits theaters. Producer Judd Apatow, writer-star Jason Segel, director Nick Stoller and Universal will all work together again on the comedy FIVE-YEAR ENGAGEMENT. As the title suggests, the film will follow a man (Segel) and his lengthy engagement to his fiancee. Stoller describes the film as a sequel to FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL "if Sarah Marshall and Jason's character had stayed together." Stoller and Segel, who met on the Apatow sitcom "Undeclared," will co-write ENGAGEMENT together. Segel will next film the Paul Rudd comedy I LOVE YOU, MAN for DreamWorks, after which he could begin filming on ENGAGEMENT. Apatow, who has yet to decide on his next directing gig, has a ton of producing credits in the works including the now-filming Jack Black/Michael Cera comedy YEAR ONE, DRILLBIT TAYLOR, PINEAPPLE EXPRESS and STEP BROTHERS. Segel can also be seen on the CBS sitcom "How I Met Your Mother."

Extra Tidbit: Stoller wrote the title song from the Will Ferrell comedy BLADES OF GLORY.
Source: Variety



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