Apatow on Anchorman 2

ANCHORMAN is a little movie that sets sail on the wooden ship diversity straight to my heart. That's why any talk of a second film makes me giddy.

The guys over at Empire actually got a scoop on the status of the next ANCHORMAN film from Judd Apatow, who has been pondering on writing the sequel with director and co-writer Adam McKay.

Presently Apatow says that McKay and Will Ferrell are busy, "They’re making a movie now, Will and Adam." That movie is THE OTHER GUYS, a cop action comedy starring Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg, and Craig Robinson. So is another movie about our favorite Channel 4 news crew still on the horizon? “I guess it’s a little bit more a possibility than it was a year ago, when it wasn’t being discussed at all.” Hey, I'll settle for that.

Apatow continued on about what was actually discussed, “When we made Anchorman, Adam and Will had a lot of ideas about what the sequel would be – they’d always laugh about where they’d take the characters.” This is where it gets amusing, “The great thing is, Will can be any age and play that character. Those anchormen sometimes have their jobs until they’re 75 years old. So we would always laugh that this movie could work if everybody’s really elderly.”

I'll buy it. The main four characters struggling to stay classy and relevant in the present year. So what hijinks could they all still get into at 75? I'm sure if I even tried to guess I'd be way off, but I hope it involves Brian Fantana still smelling of sex panther.

Extra Tidbit: Best line from ANCHORMAN is...
Source: Empire



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