Are you a Daft Punk fan? Listen to some of their music from Tron: Legacy!

Update: Cinematical has gotten word from Disney that the music tracks going around on YouTube are actually fan-created fakes, so we took that down. No word yet on the six tracks below, though it seems they may be legit. Thanks to my man "Tomathy" for the heads up!

If you're a fan of electronic musicians Daft Punk, then you've probably been itching to get a listen to some of their sounds from Disney's upcoming TRON: LEGACY.

And if so, you're in luck! Tracks of the French duo's music from the film have recently made their way online, and now we have them for your aural pleasure.

In the music player below, you can listen to six great score tracks, and in the video player below that, you'll find a preview compilation of various music featured in the film. All excellent stuff.

TRON: LEGACY opens everywhere December 17th.

Extra Tidbit: What's some of your favorite film music?



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