Are you ready for Walt Disney World: The Movie?

Disney has made a number of movies based on attractions at Disney World and Disney Land. There's been PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN, THE COUNTRY BEARS and THE HAUNTED MANSION while JUNGLE CRUISE, TOMORROWLAND and 20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA are in active development. But what happens when you run out of rides? Just turn the entire theme park into a movie!

Disney is developing MAGIC KINGDOM, a family adventure style movie that the studio hopes will do for their parks what NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM did for The Museum of Natural History and The Smithsonian. The studio is planning for KINGDOM to be like their version of THE AVENGERS, a movie that would star virtually all the major characters in the Disney universe. While no specifics were given, you can expect Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Snow White, Cinderella and probably even Captain Jack Sparrow.

Ronald Moore ("Battlestar Galactica") wrote a draft of the script but the studio is looking to develop it further with a new writer before moving forward. It's possible even that KINGDOM may be a few years off and, like THE AVENGERS, may need to reintroduce some characters through new films or short films.

While it's an intriguing premise, studios execs insist the film isn't a top priority right now and one that will simmer on the back-burner while they get more immediate ducks in a row. The thinking could be that the character reboots like MALEFICENT and CINDERELLA would lead directly into this project.

Extra Tidbit: if this movie doesn't include a scene where the Spaceship Earth/Epcot ball comes rolling off its structure, it's already in trouble.
Source: Variety



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