Area 51 Script deets

Area 51's contradictory warning sign

Alright, so I still haven't seen PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, and this time it's not because I'm a pussy, I just elected to see Zombieland again instead... Anyhoo, PARANORMAL director Oren Peli is getting on everyone's radar these days, and from the looks of it he'll try to repeat himself with his next project.

AREA 51 will make use of the same "found footage" scheme to film and tell the story with again a cast of unknowns for realism, albeit with probably more than 11 grand to do it. A LOT more. 'cause the dude just profited some lucky distributors a VERY hefty sum. The story is said to be closely guarded, the only details revealed officially being that's it's about three teens who set out to discover the legendary base's secrets.

BUT the folks of Latino Review got word from a trusted source who wrote in with nothing short of a script review - how's THAT for closely guarded? And since I'm not the kind to dish spoilers around, I'll let you all find out for yourselves OVER HERE. There, no spoilage. Except to say the reviewer calls it PARANORMAL with aliens. whatever that means.

Extra Tidbit: To the reader who chastised me in private for spoiling, Honest to God I thought everybody knew Rosebud's the sled...
Source: Latino Review



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