Arnett breaks matches

It remains to be seen if Will Arnett can break out and become the kind of comedic leading man that someone like Steve Carrell has become, and it also remains to be seen if that'd even be a good thing. I like Will flying just underneath the radar, kind of a for-those-who-know star. It allows for edgier fare.

Well now Arnett seems to have booked another role, and it looks like he'll be carrying this film all by his lonesome. The movie is called MATCHBREAKER, about a guy who gets hired to end bad relationships for you quickly. The movie will center on Arnett trying to get a guy out of a relationship with his girlfriend, who has a wealthy and terrible family. I wonder if somewhere along the way, Will's character will fall in love. I would recommend that he does, because this is a movie, and if your the lead in a movie, you'll always get the girl.

Extra Tidbit: I first layed eyes on Will Arnett way back during an episode of SEX AND THE CITY, playing one of Miranda's many suitors.
Source: Cinematical



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