Arnett to Rome

Will Arnett has joined the cast of WHEN IN ROME. The film is about a love-starved New York curator (Kristen Bell) who steals magical coins from the Trevi Foundation in Rome but soon finds herself in a bizarre situation as she is pursued by a band of aggressive suitors. Arnett will play an Italian artist who becomes one of the suitors, following Bell to New York. Dax Shepard, Jon Heder and Josh Duhamel, also co-star. I want to say the dude she ends up with seems like a freaking no-brainer, but in this universe a broad that looks like Kristen Bell is inexplicably "love starved", so I can only assume she ends up with Heder. Or a leprechaun.

I'm not sure this movie was what Pascal had in mind exactly, when he wrote about us only being happy when day-dreaming about what we want, but it's another excuse to see Kristen Bell on the big-screen, so whatever. Plus, Arnett is the shit, especially when he's doing his crazy thing, so this film has a good chance of being the first post-NAPOLEON DYNAMITE Heder film that hasn't been horrible.
Extra Tidbit: Arnett used to be married to Penelope Ann Miller.



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