Arnie, Bruce, Sly!

HOLY F*CKING SHIT! This is awesome!

There's this recurring dream I have where Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, and Bruce Willis team to blow shit up, punch bad guys through walls, and for some reason throw random large objects at windows. I am pleased to say that this dream has come true.

The part about them together is true, as far as what sort of action they will be involved in, it doesn't sound like much at all. Publicist Maria Lascala shared some information about the momentous day via her blog. The blog is actually rather lengthy and gives a good amount of detail. Let's hit the highlights.

"Bruce looked amazing – very fit, beautiful bald head, and that smirky smile." Whoa. "While I can’t/don’t want to give too much away I can tell you that Arnold’s character is Trench and Bruce is Church, the scene was shot in an empty church without extras and minimal set dec and it has tension and humor – what more can a girl ask for!" Church was in a church? Mind blowing! " In 6 hours we did wide shots, close-ups, turned around…the whole nine yards…pretty impressive. Very Clint Eastwood." So very!

All my sarcasm aside, she was indeed a very lucky woman. I am quite jealous. Everyone on set was in awe as well, "I thought it was electric in Brazil when all of The Expendables stepped on set — but today was atomic!!! [The] whole crew was mesmerized as we watched the three of them play off of each other in a pivotal scene that sets up the whole movie." Are you all ready for this? The ultimate action packed wet dream.

Extra Tidbit: "Arnold had a stogie in his mouth, a giant watch on his arm, and was constantly making jokes." Classic.



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