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Arnold Schwarzenegger has fun in this B-roll footage of Terminator: Genisys



Next Wednesday sees the release of Alan Taylor's TERMINATOR: GENISYS. With JURASSIC WORLD tearing up the box office, one wonders if GENISYS will have the power to take the number one spot. In either case, we have some B-roll footage from the film that, ironically enough, is less spoilery than the latest trailers and TV spots. Go figure! Say what you will about how the film is shaping up, but it looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger and the rest of the cast had some fun making this one.

My favorite moment in all of this B-roll footage is the fact there this a guy who is literally just holding onto string in order to pull back Arnold's hoodie in that "I've been waiting for you," bit. Even in these big-budget affairs, there's always little tricks that we (usually) never get to see. Love it! I won't deny that I've lowered my expectations BIG TIME for the final product, but I'm actually curious to see GENISYS now that it's almost here. Hey, at least we have Arnold in this one!

TERMINATOR: GENISYS hits theaters on July 1, 2015.




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