Aronofsky in talks with Fox to direct Wolverine sequel

Back in late August, we brought you the news that Darren Aronofsky was on the list of potential candidates to direct WOLVERINE 2. At the time though that seemed like a pipe dream. Aronofsky was coming off yet another critically acclaimed indie (BLACK SWAN) and it seemed unlikely he'd trade in that clout for a chance to direct a sequel to a notoriously bad superhero film for a studio that isn't very accommodating to its directors (just ask Gavin Hood). But now it looks like it might be happening after all.

I had almost completely counted out Aronofsky on WOLVERINE after his named popped up as a candidate to direct both SUPERMAN and PREACHER but when Zack Synder took the former, talks with Fox began. According to Deadline, "it's his job if he wants it" and Fox, Hugh Jackman and Aronofsky are in serious talks to make it happen.

One of the points of contention, as you might imagine, is just how much creative freedom Aronofsky will have over the film. He's had final cut on almost all of his films so far (I'm not entirely sure if he did on THE FOUNTAIN) and I'm sure he's heard the horror stories of how Hood was micromanaged and virtually removed from the editing room on the first film.

What works in favor of the deal though is the strong friendship between Jackman and Aronofsky and the strong working relationship between Fox and Aronofsky (Searchlight released THE WRESTLER and will release BLACK SWAN). I've heard the script from Christopher McQuarrie (THE USUAL SUSPECTS) is awesome so let's hope this all works out for the best.

Extra Tidbit: If this allows Aronofsky to make more WRESTLERs and BLACK SWANs for the next couple years, I'm game.
Source: Deadline



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