Aronofsky on GTA?

So with THE WRESTLER making the rounds and ROBOCOP still in early development, could Darren Aronofsky be playing with GRAND THEFT AUTO? Well if you mean literally playing "Grand Theft Auto IV" on his Xbox 360, then yeah. If you mean directing a GRAND THEFT AUTO movie, then probably not. But just that a director as heady as Aronofsky is into GTA is pretty cool to hear. The director, as part of the New York Times' 2008 "Moments That Mattered" retrospective, Aronofsky chose to wax poetic on GTA IV:

Looking over Niko’s shoulder up at the virtual parachute jump in Grand Theft Auto IV’s version of Coney Island, grabbing a dollar hot dog off the boardwalk to get my health back, then leaping into a bullet-hole-riddled Hummer and smashing through my childhood neighborhood, flying over sand dunes on Manhattan Beach and finally drowning in the sea off Brighton Beach. Thinking, Man, I wish they made this game when I was a teenager.

Seriously! I think that all the time! Although it's probably a good thing they didn't because I almost flunked out of school playing "Mega Man." The thought of playing GTA on a huge flat screen just makes my teenage self get weak in the knees. You can head here to read more "Moments That Mattered" including "SNL's" Andy Samberg who asks, "How long till I can get a decent robot?"

Extra Tidbit: I have a sinking feeling that we'll never see Aronofsky's ROBOCOP.
Source: NY Times



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