Aronofsky to direct Rachel Weisz in Jackie O biopic?

Darren Aronofsky and his fiancee Rachel Weisz are planning a Jackie Kennedy Onassis biopic that would follow the former first lady in the immediate aftermath of the JFK assassination. The project is based on a script by Noah Oppenheim and the project was initially set-up as a made-for-HBO movie that Steven Spielberg was set to produce. It looks like Spielberg is no longer involved with the Aronofsky version and the version that's currently being shopped is for a theatrical release.

Unlike his last two films - BLACK SWAN and THE WRESTLER - Aronofsky isn't working to shoot independently and secure distribution at a later date; they're currently shopping the biopic to studios.

This film would be the second time Aronofsky and Weisz have worked together on a project following THE FOUNTAIN, the project they worked on right before Weisz gave birth to their son Henry.

Aronofsky is working in the editing booth for his upcoming thriller BLACK SWAN (a film once rumored to play Cannes though that now looks unlikely to happen) while Weisz recently wrapped filming on DREAM HOUSE with Daniel Craig and Naomi Watts.

Extra Tidbit: ROBOCOP is becoming less and less of a reality for Aronofsky.
Source: Deadline



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