Around the JoBlo.com Watercooler: 3D TV, the iPad launch, VHS and more!

In this new weekly column we take a look at some of the hot conversations currently taking place around the virtual watercooler in the JOBLO.COM FORUMS. Each week we'll present you with some new conversations that you can jump in quickly and participate in. Heck, it may even inspire you to create your own conversation. Here's what people are talking about this week...

"'Untapped comic book series that you would like to see adapted into film.."

"With the news of Matthew Vaughn maybe, possibly circling a Bloodshot movie (still can't believe anyone's even thinking about it), it got me wondering what other comic book series which would make good films, that haven't been adapted yet?"

"Confusing Terminator timeline discussion!"

"Did the events of the three previous (four, I guess) create an alternate timeline for the future?"

"Horrifically annoying characters in movies you like"

"While watching The Blind Side recently, this topic idea sprang to mind after witnessing the performance of Sandra Bullock's young son and thinking of other movies I like with certain people in it I hate."

"Paranormal Activity f*cking SUCKS"

"The movie f*cking sucks period. And every piece of news about the sequel that I see popping up makes me roll my eyes."

"How will the US postal service eliminating Saturday delivery effect Netflix?"

"Just wondering for those who eagerly anticipate a Saturday delivery from their chosen online movie resource."

"Have You Tried Out 3D TV?"

"I was skeptical before doing so but I was proven wrong. It's good. It performs well. I like it."

"Do you still have a VHS collection?"

"Do you still own VHS tapes? Do you still watch them? These are important questions!"

"Does the PG-13 rating decrease your anticipation for a horror film? "

"It used to be that a PG-13 rating in the horror genre was damn near unheard of. Nowadays studios have figured that softening a film's rating can lead to a more widespread appeal, and thus more bucks. With a fair deal of horror fans there is a negative stigma when mentioning a PG-13 rating. Are you one of them?"

"Anyone order the iPad?"

"I haven't, but I really want to get one..."

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