Around the JoBlo.com Watercooler: At the Movies, Kick-Ass, Netflix and more!

In this new weekly column we take a look at some of the hot conversations currently taking place around the virtual watercooler in the JOBLO.COM FORUMS. Each week we'll present you with some new conversations that you can jump in quickly and participate in. Heck, it may even inspire you to create your own conversation. Here's what people are talking about this week...

"'At the Movies' show canceled"

"ABC/Disney never really handled it well anyway as a show."

"Am I The Only One Who Hated Napoleon Dynamite?"

"I feel like I'm one of maybe 4 or 5 people in this country that didnt like Napoleon Dynamite. It just wasnt funny."

"Your most expected sequel that became your biggest disappointment"

"After further setting up the reality of the Matrix with the explanation of things like ghosts and werewolves only to be completely ignored in Revolutions for the remainder of Neo's lame ass quest."

"Kick Ass actor engaged to a 42 yr old woman "

"What in the hell is this guy thinking? He is only 19 and he is getting engaged to a 42 yr old broad...and she is also pregnant"

"Dennis Hopper's health is failing"

"If Dennis Hopper attends the dedication of his star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame Friday, it may be the last time his fans see the actor alive."

"Kevin Smith is a whiny fucking baby."

"No one liked this new movie so he's going crazy about it; this is because he is a whiny baby."

" Seriously, Netflix? "

"Netflix tells me that the availability is listed as 'Long Wait' it might as well say never. Two movies in particular stick right out: Paranormal Activity and Jennifer's Body. As far as I can remember, they've been out since December, and every time I check to see if it's available, it always says 'Long Wait.'"

"Guess your Top 10 of 2010"

"Why not have a go at projecting your top 10 of the year, from what you've seen and what you're looking forward to..."

"The classic question that was probably asked a million times: XBOX or PS3?"

"So I'm itching to buy myself a system and the time has come to buy a new system methinks and I wanted your opinions."

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