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"Salma Hayek freaks out because of a snake"

"This calls into question whether that was actually a real snake in FROM DUSK TILL DAWN."

"What happened to late night horror?"

"Some of my earliest memories of horror films are me asking my mom to wake me up at 11:30 (I was like 7 at the time give me a break) to watch some old scary flick. I remember waking up groggy and trying to watch Frankenstien vs the Wolfman. I don't think I made it much more than a few minutes before I fell asleep. I miss those days that made me begin to love horror."

"Favorite Dennis Hopper Role/Performance"

"I think Frank Booth in Blue Velvet was his best achievement, but I've always been partial to his badass Howard Payne in Speed as a personal favorite. So many great ones to choose from, though. The man will be missed, while the legend yet lives on."

"Lazy ass actors"

"Will Smith is another example of a lazy ass actor who does an average of one movie a year. The list is long and prodigious of actors that do like one movie a year. It pisses me off. It is my belief that stars like Will Smith, Tom Hanks and Tom Cruise know how to make movies better. If these stars do less movies, there are less good or watchable movies to see. As a result, we get just any actor do just any movie and most of them suck. Proof positive is the lineup of crap movies we have to see this year."

"Back to the Future episodic game? Sounds good to me!"

"I wonder how they're gonna go about making it an episodic series. Will Fox, Lloyd, Thompson, Shue, and everyone be lending voice acting? My money thinks yes, but then again, I don't have much money. What say you schmoes? Good news? Meh news? Bad news? "

"Breaking Bad: Season 3"

"Breaking Bad is best the show airing on TV, but still largely under the radar

"Costumed superheroes arrested in Hollywood"

"Walking through Hollywood Boulevard, visitors can run into plenty of character impersonators, including superhero ones like Batman, Catwoman and Spider-Man. But that's all about to change.Tourists and shop-owners have been complaining that the costumed individuals have become too aggressive and have even began demanding money from people. By law, anyone is allowed to dress up in costume and accept tips, but cannot beg for money."

"Cases when the soundtrack is more popular than the movie"


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