Arrow is Beautiful?

John Fallon, aka Arrow in the Head, not only runs the best horror site on the internet but is also one helluva multihyphenate. The webmaster/actor/ director/writer has added another credit to his already impressive resume with a role in the upcoming crime/road movie BEAUTIFUL OUTSIDERS. Fallon will star alongside Cameron Douglas (son of Michael and grandson of Kurt), Tara Reid, Brad Dourif and Doug "Pinhead" Bradley. The film follows a recovering drug addict, his prostitute ex-girlfriend and their rekindled romance while on the run from the police. John will play Charlie, a character who sounds like he might have more up his sleeve than it first seems. If you've been paying attention, you know Arrow's been on the acting scene for quite some time with roles in SAW 2, DEADEN (a film he also wrote) and the forthcoming 100 FEET with Famke Janssen. He also would have been starring alongside Jason Statham in DEATH RACE were it not for scheduling conflicts. No word yet on when filming would take place but with a cast set, it could be soon. Congrats to John on his continued success and here's hoping he'll remember the little people when he's one of the big dogs.

Extra Tidbit: Arrow also wrote the upcoming thriller TRANCE starring Dominique Swain and Jeremy London.



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