Arrow sells Trance!

Another great professional stride for our horror man, John Fallon (aka the Arrow), as he recently sold his own spec script entitled TRANCE to Upload Films, who have already started the process of the film's production, with the writer of MAN-THING and LOST BOYS 2, Hans Rodionoff, behind the camera. This time around, Fallon won't be acting in the film as well (as he did in DEADEN -- which incidentally, will be premiering on Canadian Pay TV this month...US video-shelves later this fall), but I did recently see his scenes from Eric Red's 100 FEET (yes, he's in a scene with Famke Janssen, baby!) and the man came off really well. You can read more about his latest screenplay HERE, but needless to say, it's filled with tits, blood and guns. Natch!

He should also be shooting his scene from the remake of DEATH RACE 2000 any minute now and will be jetting off to the Sitges Film Festival on Saturday, in order to cover that festival for all of his faithful readers. Phew!! I'm tired just reading about this guy's schedule. Major kudos once again, buddy and I don't think I know anyone who works harder than this guy so he most certainly deserves it! PS: Tell Jason Statham "I love him", but in a "guy-crush" kinda way, and not necessarily the "gay" kinda way. Well, actually...if he's hip to that shit, tell him to call me...hehehe...for a beer and strippers in Montreal!

Extra Tidbit: I have no idea who that girl is in the pic above, but I Google Image'd "trance" and that hottie popped up. Sweet.



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