Artist: Justin Reed

About a year ago on our site, I wrote about an artist named Justin Reed, who painted a lot of very cool and unique creations that I thought some of you might enjoy. Well, since that time, Mr. Reed has been busier than a bee, and creating even more slickness, including a new EDWARD SCISSORHANDS painting for yours truly, that you could check out below. He's also added paintings to the collections of such hip folk as Kevin Smith and Roger Avary, amongst others.

Like I said last year, art being subjective, I'm sure these paintings might not appeal to all of you, but if any of you were on the lookout for some original paintings to spruce up your pad, feel free to contact him via his new website, as he's open to commissions. And no, I'm not his unofficial online agent, but I looooove the man's artwork, what can I say. See some recent examples of his work below, or click through to his site for his entire portfolio.

Source: Justin Reed Art



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