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Artist shares sketch of new stormtrooper design from Star Wars: Episode VII


STAR WARS: EPISODE VII is still a long way away, but like our earlier story regarding set photos, we will take what we can get. The latest story making the rounds involves the redesign of the iconic stormtrooper gear.

Design artist Tom Hodges somehow has gotten a glimpse of the new stormtrooper from someone involved in the production of STAR WARS: EPISODE VII. Having not been on set nor having signed any sort of contract, Hodges sketched out as close as he could what the newly designed helmet looks like. He shared the image below via Instagram but it has since been removed. This being the internet, the image lives on. Take a gander.

While the design does seem to be close to the classic we have become accustomed to, it does provide a sleek new face to whatever the Empire has become in the three decades since RETURN OF THE JEDI. The question is, will fans react well to such an overhaul of a time worn design that has been seen everywhere from action figures to Halloween costumes? Much like the prequels introduced the clone trooper costume, this is part and parcel of a new film series. And, personally, I like it.

Here's hoping Disney pulls the stick out of their ass and we get to see the real deal. Soon. STAR WARS: EPISODE VII hits theaters December 18, 2015.



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