As MacGruber hits theaters, MacGyver film heats up

Remember that mostly ludicrous lawsuit filed by the creator of "MacGyver" claiming that MACGRUBER was copyright infringement? It never slowed down MACGRUBER and it doesn't look like it'll slow down MACGYVER either. With MACGRUBER hitting theaters today, New Line is looking to breathe new life into the MACGYVER movie, hiring Jason Richman to write the feature script.

Richman wrote the horrible BAD COMPANY, a movie I think even Jerry Bruckheimer would admit was a misstep, and BANGKOK DANGEROUS, a movie that even Nicolas Cage would admit was ridiculous. Perhaps inspired a little bit by the parody, producers want to keep MACGYVER action-heavy but still light-hearted fun.

I guess the question I would ask is whether anyone short of Patty and Selma are really all that interested in a MACGYVER movie. Perhaps in a world where MACGRUBER didn't exist, the movie might make sense, but Richard Dean Anderson himself was in a "MacGruber" sketch so maybe it's just time to let the classic character die.

Extra Tidbit: The actual "MacGyver" theme song has nothing on MACGRUBER.
Source: THR



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