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Asian Film Fest lineup


If you live in or near New York and have an appreciation for Asian cinema, you should be absolutely feverish about the annual New York Asian Film Fest.

This year's lineup is still rolling out, but it's already well worth attention. Some of the sweet selections on the schedule include the Hong Kong action epic THE WARLORDS (featuring Jet Li and Andy Lau), the amazing kung fu flick IP MAN, the Shaw Brothers classic FIVE DEADLY VENOMS, Japan's "softgore" action flick SAMURAI PRINCESS and the popular 20th CENTURY BOYS and K-20: LEGEND OF THE MASK, Indonesia's bizarro THE FORBIDDEN DOOR, South Korea's surprising ROUGH CUT, and the premiere of the insane gorefest VAMPIRE GIRL vs. FRANKENSTEIN GIRL (which you can sample below).

And that's just a taste! The fest runs from June 19 to July 6 -- check out the entire schedule (so far) and get more details RIGHT HERE!

Extra Tidbit: Got a favorite Asian film? (Or a whole bunch?)
Source: NYAFF



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