Asian Spidey

Update: The folks over at Slashfilm reported this as a Japanese SPIDER-MAN 3 billboard. They got it from Filmick, who also reports it as a Japanese. But like some of you did, someone over there posted that the writing was in fact Mandarin. Being that I am neither Chinese nor Japanese, I cannot confirm either statement. Let's just all agree that it's Asian!

Some of you are growing tired of all the SPIDER-MAN 3 stuff popping up. Others can’t get enough. Either way, you’ll all miss it when it’s gone, all the hype has died down and SPIDER-MAN 3 becomes nothing more than another dvd release. But then again, maybe you won’t, because by that time we’ll have THE DARK KNIGHT, INDY 4, and a slew of other anticipated films coming our way. That’s the great thing about movies! It never ends! Anyhow, on the eve of the first official SPIDER-MAN 3 reviews a night before its premiere in Japan, comes your look at a Japanese billboard for the film. Looks pretty damn good if you ask me. Click on the image to ENLARGE.

Extra Tidbit: Those reviews for Spider-Man 3 mentioned above? Glowing.
Source: Slashfilm



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