Ask JoBlo a question!

We here at JoBlo.com/AITH are working on some neat new projects for the coming months, as well as yet another site revamp (JoBlo.com 8.0) in honor of our 10th year of operation online (wow...like really, wow...who knew when I started posting my dinky reviews up to the site back in 1998, that we'd still be around a decade later). To that end, we'd like your participation in some of those activities, specifically one project in which we'd like YOU, our readers, to send VIDEO QUESTIONS in for myself or The Arrow, not lasting more than 30 seconds please (i.e. you need to send us a VIDEO-CLIP of yourself asking us the question, no EMAIL questions).

Also, please don't send any files over 100MB or anything. You can ask us anything you want in relation to the site, movies or anything of that sort, but also personal questions from your own life (how do I get my girlfriend to blow me more often?), about which you'd like our advice (of course, some of those queries will hopefully be responded to in a more comical fashion). Eventually, we will choose questions from you all, and respond to them, on VIDEO, via the site. Please send all of your VIDEO QUESTIONS to us at [email protected]. Thanks! 



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