Assigned to Area 52

The Image Comics series AREA 52 is getting the feature treatment, and it has a new guy in charge of the secret facility.

Director Steven C. Miller will adapt Brian Haberlin's comic about a group of soldiers guarding a remote military storage house where unique items and artifacts are kept (things like alien weaponry, Thor's hammer, and the Ark of the Covenant). When a lethal extraterrestrial escapes containment and prowls the halls, the team of misfits must use the crated objects on hand to defeat it.

Miller's only previous feature work is a low-budget zombie indie (zombindie?) called AUTOMATON TRANSFUSION that's been making the festival rounds. It's since been picked up for distribution by Dimension, which means we'll probably never get to see it.

Curiously, the Sci-Fi Channel is currently planning a series called WAREHOUSE 13, about a pair of FBI agents placed in charge of a secret government warehouse filled with strange artifacts. Fight!
Extra Tidbit: Comic writer Grant Morrison is working on the script for AREA 51, based on the videogames of the same name. I don't know who's working on AREA 53 and up.
Source: Variety



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