Asteroids: The Movie

Though perhaps a little late on the whole killer asteroid/meteor craze that was so popular in the late-90s, Universal has won the rights to make a film based on the 1979 Atari game "Asteroids." Actually the movie will likely resemble more the game's box (right) than the game itself, which featured no color and used only 6KB of code.

For those of you too young to remember "Asteroids," it was basically a little triangular ship that had to fly around space shooting the asteroids plummeting towards Earth. Beyond that, the game had zero plot and the onus to create one from scratch will be on Uni and producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura (TRANSFORMERS, GI JOE). As Hollywood Reporter points out though, that shouldn't be new to them though as they're currently coming up with plots to plotless games like "Candyland" and "Battleship."

I won't get into how moronic this idea is (why get into a bidding war when you're essentially creating the plot from scratch?), but if you were going to adapt an early-80s-era video game into a movie, why not GALAGA? That at least has something to it. Or just take the money that you spent to get "Asteroids" and put it back into BIOSHOCK a movie based on a game that actually has an intriguing storyline...

Extra Tidbit: The maximum high score in "Asteroids" is 99,990, after which is reverts to zero.
Source: THR



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