Atlantis gets writer

Just last week it was announced that Len Wiseman (LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD) would be directing ATLANTIS RISING, a big-screen adaptation of the comic of the same name. Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci (writers of TRANSFORMERS and STAR TREK) were attached and I assumed they'd be doing the writing for this project but they'll just be producing. Instead they've hired Joby Harold (AWAKE) to script the film about a battle between the citizens of Earth and the underwater city of Atlantis. Says Kurtzman of Harold, "Joby has an amazingly strong understanding of how to take genre seriously." A movie like AWAKE would seem to indicate otherwise but perhaps the Weinsteins were responsible for that film's shortcomings. DreamWorks, who according to Variety envisions this film as a mix between ALIENS and THE ABYSS, hopes to have ATLANTIS in theaters as their big 2011 summer tentpole. Harold is also busy writing RONIN for Warner Bros. and it's unclear at this point which project has priority (I'm guessing ATLANTIS).

Extra Tidbit: Does this mean Wiseman is off GEARS OF WAR?
Source: THR



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