Atlas director. Shrug.

After a long search Angelina Jolie has found her director for ATLAS SHRUGGED. Jolie and Lionsgate have hired Vadim Perelman (THE HOUSE OF SAND AND FOG) to direct ATLAS from a script by Randall Wallace (BRAVEHEART). Perelman was once a hot, in-demand director after his feature debut but since then has faded from the scene. He was attached to direct THE TALISMAN for producer Steven Spielberg but dropped from the project due to "creative differences." Just take a read of this article before the success of SAND AND FOG to get an idea of where his ego went from there. His notorious difficulty led to a hard time getting a new gig but Perelman certainly isn't the first talented director in Hollywood with a huge ego. So he gets another chance. Perelman will work with Wallace on script revisions, which Lionsgate must approve before giving the film a greenlight. Right now the studio is hoping to get an early 2008 start to secure the services of Jolie before the strike. Perelman's film IN BLOOM (his first since SAND AND FOG) will premiere at the Toronto Film Festival. Jolie will begin work filming THE CHANGELING for Clint Eastwood and is looking to follow that film with ATLAS.

Extra Tidbit: Jolie is currently filming the action-thriller WANTED.
Source: Variety



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