Atonement trailer

If I was a reader (which I’d like to be some day) one of the books on my list would undoubtedly be Ian McEwan’s ATONEMENT. It won all kinds of awards when it was released in 2001, and is widely considered McEwan’s best work, and was even included on Time Magazine’s list of the all time 100 greatest novels. Since I allow critics to do most of my thinking for me, this is definitely a must-read.

But guess what kids? Who needs to read when we’ve got film adaptations? Today we’ve been hit with the trailer for the film adaptation of ATONEMENT, and it’s a dandy. The movie stars Kiera Knightley and rising star James McAvoy (THE LAST KING OF SCOTLAND). It’s about a girl who wrongly accuses a boy for a crime and the older sister (Knightley) who doesn’t believe her. It’s an epic that spans generations and takes us through WWII and beyond.

It’s refreshing to see voice-overless trailers that rely on a solid score and powerful images to sell us on a movie worth seeing. And by the looks of this trailer, it’s definitely worth saying. Joe Wright (PRIDE & PREJUDICE) directs and the movie is released December 7th, just in time to catch the attention of that little golden boy that everyone wants a piece of. Check it out HERE.

Extra Tidbit: McEwan faced charges of plagarism when ATONEMENT was released.
Source: YouTubeCinematical



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