August is Preacher

Preacher Tim Burton go-to screenwriter John August, whose blog is a must-read for any aspiring and working screenwriters, has been hired to write PREACHER, the big screen adaptation of the acclaimed graphic novel of the same name by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon. The story follows a Texas preacher imbued with superpowers who sets out with an ex-girlfriend and an Irish vampire to take God to task for abandoning his duties. REVOLUTIONARY ROAD helmer Sam Mendes is set to direct.

August will also be scripting yet another Tim Burton project - an animated film titled FRANKENWEENIE. The film is based on a short Burton made as a film student and follows a man who brings his dog back to life after it's killed by a car. Like the short, the film will be shot in black and white but will be done using stop motion and will be in 3D. August is also currently working on another project with Tim Burton - the fantasy adventure DARK SHADOWS that currently has Johnny Depp attached to star.

Extra Tidbit: August did uncredited rewrites on JURASSIC PARK III and BLUE STRE
Source: THR



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