August talks Shazam!

John August, the dude who had writing duties on TITAN AE and the CHARLIE'S ANGELS movies has just turned in his draft for the upcoming SHAZAM! movie. And recently he took a little time to talk about his perspective on the material. MTV reports that:

“Shazam” is “very different” from all “the other flying people in tights movies... It’s not Spider-Man plus jokes. There’s really good comic potential there,” he asserted, revealing that his film — an origin story — owes as much to “Big” as it does to “Superman... Yeah, I avoid saying that because that incenses certain people... But the people that are going to go see this movie opening weekend are going to be excited to see [action and comedy] together.”

If you ain't a comic book person, basically, SHAZAM! tells the story of a kid who an old wizard gives the ability to become an adult superhero in times of need, by uttering a single word. No word on why exactly, this dude would ever want to turn back, from a hunky aduly superhero with magical powers, into a pimply little kid. Youth is way overrated. Peter Segal (THE LONGEST YARD) is set to direct.
Extra Tidbit: Allegedly, The Rock and Brandon Molale are up to star in this flick.
Source: MTV Movies Blog



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