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Things are starting to get back to normal in the AUSTIN POWERS 3 world.  Almost everything Powers-related was removed from the web after the "Goldmember" debacle but now, slowly and surely, things are making their way back.  First up is the return of the film's official website.  The site was once live in all its "Goldmember" glory but was taken offline and replaced with the old SPY WHO SHAGGED ME site.  Now we have a new logo that touts "The Next Installment of AUSTIN POWERS" and links to higher quality versions of the Super Bowl teaser. In addition there's a photo gallery that features some pics you've seen before, as well as some new ones (some of which you can see below). 

In my humble opinion, I think this gives New Line a rare chance to reevaluate a marketing campaign that many felt had serious flaws (let's face it - the original "Goldmember" teaser was terrible).  Now they've got all kinds of LORD OF THE RINGS money to play with and a helpful dose of hindsight. Let's hope they come out of this reinvigorated and with a quality movie to back it up.

Beyonce Knowles is Foxy Cleopatra

Austin and Foxy

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