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Austin Powers 3 trouble?


Something fishy is going on in the world of AUSTIN POWERS. I first became suspicious that something was amiss when I visited the official site (www.austinpowers.com) to see if any new information had been posted. Instead of seeing the GOLDMEMBER teaser page though, I saw the old SPY WHO SHAGGED ME page. Strange, I thought.  Didn't think much of it until I was looking at the caption of the POWERS promotional still we ran earlier this week.  It referred to the film as AUSTIN POWERS 3 not AUSTIN POWERS IN GOLDMEMBER as it had previously been titled. That's when I decided to do some detective work. I tried to download the teaser poster from the New Line website.  It had been removed.  I also looked for the logo of the film, which used the GOLDMEMBER subtitle. Also gone. I was pretty sure at this point I wasn' t being paranoid, so I reached out to New Line to try to get to the bottom of the situation.  I still haven't heard back yet (see UPDATE below).

Garth, from Dark Horizons, threw his hat into the mix today with a report on his site claiming that NLC has asked all theaters to remove copies of the poster and stop showing the teaser trailer that premiered a few weeks ago. The reported reason was that reaction to the marketing campaign was very cold and New Line wants to try a fresh approach. So they're removing all references to GOLDMEMBER and starting anew.  What will the film be called now?  Not sure.  But New Line hit this one dead on.  The poster and trailer were both stale and this film was going in the wrong direction.  If this is indeed the case, I applaud them for taking the steps now to correct the problem.  Stay tuned for more info on this developing story...

UPDATE!!! - Two different developments to the story since I last updated.  First, I was able to finally contact someone from New Line for their comment on the issue.  They did confirm that the subtitle "Goldmember" was officially out and they would be working on a new title soon. I asked if this was a creative or business change and I was told politely that they couldn't comment on that.  It was also confirmed that all theaters (and now all online partners) were asked to remove anything mentioning "Goldmember" immediately.  So if you've got yourself an AUSTIN POWERS IN GOLDMEMBER poster, consider it a collector's item.

Our second, unconfirmed report, comes from a scooper to JoBlo who claims that the reason behind the switch is that MGM, who owns the rights to James Bond, threatened to sue over the use of the name "Goldmember."  They claim the character and subtitle are too close to the James Bond film GOLDFINGER. Whether this has anything to do with the change remains to be seen, but this is the report we're getting.  Thanks to Scott for that specific heads-up.

Source: JoBlo.com
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