Australia trailer

The epic AUSTRALIA from Baz Luhrman has gotten its first trailer, which you can check out over HERE. The film stars Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman and is set in nothern Australia on the cusp of World War II. Kidman plays an aristocrat who inherits a ranch, but is forced to join forces with a rough cattle-driver (Jackman) when cattle barons plan to take her land.

And the film looks beautiful. Say what you will about Luhrman but that bastard has an eye. Although he should also be commended for his bravery in casting Nicole Kidman; it's a pity but I don't remember the last time she starred in a movie that did well at the box-office. I've heard that at this point studios prefer to have swamp creatures headline their films. Still, she's a beautiful girl and she can act, so hopefully this will be her triumphant return to better times. It definitely looks like it could be.
Extra Tidbit: I did a study, and turns out close-up shots of hands being dragged through fields of wheat never get old.
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