Australia update

Australia Everything we know about Baz Luhrmann's epic drama AUSTRALIA has thus far been gleaned from a few scattered pictures. Recently, however, the Sydney Morning Herald went on set of the currently filming drama and siphoned some concrete details from anyone they could get their hands on long enough to torture in a secluded alley. First, here's a nicely detailed plot synopsis they provide:

A romance between Lady Sarah (Nicole Kidman) and a rough drover (Hugh Jackman) that involves a long outback cattle drive and climaxes with the bombing of Darwin by the Japanese - with 188 aircraft in the first raid alone - in 1942.

Now here's a little taste of their report:

The Territory Hotel looks like it could serve beer. It has a bar with a suggestive 1939 calendar, racing odds chalked on a blackboard, stuffed crocodiles in a cabinet, faded photos of horses and bulls, and signs saying "Kanga bitter", "Stewed wallaby and vegies - 5 bob" and "No non-whites".

Get the full report over HERE. The film's scheduled for release in 2008. Thanks to Pat P. for the heads up.

Extra Tidbit: This is the first film Luhrmann has directed since 2001's MOULIN ROUGE, which also starred Kidman.



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